Tub and faucet installation

Here is a nice looking tub and faucet we installed for a Coeur d’Alene customer.

water tank

CDA leak repair

Today we were called to a home in Cd’a for no hot water and a leak. Upon inspection we found that an unknown plumbing company had installed their water heater incorrectly using galvanized steel connected to brass which caused electrolysis, destroying part of the customers plumbing system and causing premature failure of the water heater. We provided a free inspection and a written estimate for repairs.


water tank

expansion tank

Proper installation

This is the best way to install a thermal expansion tank on a water heater, in a home that has copper plumbing to stop galvanic corrosion from dissimilar metals between the water heater and your homes copper plumbing system.

moen faucet

Moen products and why we love them

We recommend Moen products because of longevity, ease of installation and maintenance and because there are many interchangeable trim options even on older valves. We were able to easily able to change the 25 year old trim on this tub/shower to a more modern brushed nickel Moen Eva trim.

moen faucet

Hayden sink installation

Today in Hayden Lake Idaho, we installed a new under mount stainless steel sink and faucet for a customer that just put in granite countertops.

CDA Water Heater Installation and upgrades

Today in Cd’a we installed a new Bradford White 50 gallon natural gas water heater with code upgrades.

Post Falls Garbage Disposal Fix

Today we unjammed a garbage disposal full of trash. The customer thought garbage disposals were used to dispose of garbage.

Copper Pipe Electrolysis Leak

Here is copper piping that turned black from electrolysis. We found multiple leaks while performing leak detection, and then replaced most of the bad copper piping with PEX.

Leak Detection in Post Falls

Today we performed leak detection at a residence in Post Falls. Here is a picture using thermal imaging that shows a leak under concrete slab. The darker blue is the area of the leak.

Water heater being drained

This is a video of a Ruud water heater being drained. This is why we install Bradford White self cleaning water heaters.