Copper Pipe Electrolysis Leak

Here is copper piping that turned black from electrolysis. We found multiple leaks while performing leak detection, and then replaced most of the bad copper piping with PEX.

leaky pipes

Leaky Pipe fix Post Falls, ID

We were called out to a Post Falls home on the Spokane river that flooded because of improperly installed plumbing pipes. We diagnosed the problem as poor workmanship that caused the solder joint to fail. We also found piping that was installed incorrectly causing electrolysis, and upon close examination we found severe erosion of the copper piping. We removed the piping that was causing the electrolysis and we removed the leaking section of pipe. We also removed all of the shark bite fittings that have been proven to have a high rate of failure, causing countless homes to experience severe flooding.

leaky pipes fixed