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kitchen-moenLeaks aren’t simply a nuisance that leave you with wet floors and a dripping ceiling. Instead, leaks, when left untreated, can lead to massive structural damage to your entire home. To be sure, leaking water may lead to rot and decay, and can devastate the walls, ceilings, and foundation, and even cause damage to expensive flooring. Even worse, water leaks may lead to rust and mold, and even bring in ants and termites to feast on the rotten wood.

Even if a leak isn’t apparent, there are some ways you can tell one exists. You may have a leak if you’ve noticed a recent spike in your water bill or a decrease in water pressure in faucets. Or, we can even help you find a hidden leak with our comprehensive leak detection testing.

Why Do Leaks Happen?

Leaks may arise for a variety of reasons, including poor previous workmanship on the plumbing within the house, shifting of the foundation or of the entire building, plumbing materials rusting, eroding, or breaking down, or even from the plumbing sustaining prolonged exposure to corrosive chemicals.

Fortunately, our leak detection service and plumbing repair can find the root of your water leaks fast! For unknown plumbing repair, call Scott and get a free no-nonsense quote, always on-time.

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What if I Have a Hidden Leak?

In some cases, it may not be easy to detect the source of the leak, or to even identify that a leak exists at all. With our leak detection service, we can discover both the cause and the location quickly and effectively. And we will do so without causing any damage to your home. See all emergency plumber services.

And best of all, from our 20 years of residential and commercial plumbing experience we have developed a wide arsenal of solutions for common problems. After we find the problem, we can provide you a list of options to help you fix the issue, and ensure it never returns and best of all No Hidden Fees!

Don’t let your leak bother you anymore. Pick up the phone today and call Scott’s Plumbing in Coeur d’Alene and Spokane for professional and affordable plumbing service.

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